Association & Positive Thinking

the little engine that could

I have always believed in the power of positive thinking.  The basic belief that if you think you can, then you will be able to.  Everyone has heard the story of The Little Engine That Could, right?  It’s something we have all been taught, to some degree, since we were small children.  However, somewhere along the way, most adults forget about positive thinking. What was it that you wanted to be when you grew up? A fire fighter, a police officer, a ballerina, a lion tamer? What is it that you do today? Why was it that you gave up on that dream?

Earlier this week, my husband and I were invited to a Leadership & Personal Development Seminar by some friends of ours.  They had told us that there was a couple that was speaking that they thought we would be able to relate to and that they thought it would be a great idea if we attended with them.  I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing, but we agreed to attend.

Saturday was the day, so my husband and I donned some of our best clothes, a suit and tie for my husband and a cute, little black dress for me.  We never have the chance to dress up anymore, so we figured why not? We took our kids to the babysitter and met our friends to carpool to the seminar.  When we got into our friends’ car, they were so excited that we had agreed to go and talked the whole trip about how this seminar would be life changing for us and how we would leave the seminar with a completely different outlook on life.  While my husband and I were still skeptical, having heard of many “life-changing opportunities,”  all which turned out to be some hair-brained, get rich quick scheme, we had agreed that we were going to have an open mind and open heart.

When we entered the arena, we were surprised to see that any of the couples could have easily been us:  a couple in their thirties/forties looking for a way to make their lives and themselves better.  As our friends introduced us to other couples, we realized that there was a difference between us and them, positive thinking.  Every one of the couples had an incredible outlook on life.  They were not afraid to dream, to believe, to know in their hearts that things were going to get better and the most amazing thing was, for most, it had.  Each one of these couples, at some point, were exactly where my husband & I are right now, living paycheck to paycheck, trying to keep the stress of everyday finances & lack of time,  from wreaking havoc on their health, relationship, and family.

We settled into our seats and began listening to the speakers.  They spoke about their lives and how they used to be.  My husband and I related to what they were saying.  It could have been our lives they were talking about.  Then, the turning point. They spoke about having a dream, not a dream that you fantasize about, but a dream that is so real that you can see, feel, taste and hear it.  A dream that you say “when we….,” instead of “what if we….”  They spoke of knowing that things would get better and surrounding themselves with people who had achieved what they dreamed of achieving.

overcoming obstables

It all made such sense to my husband and I.  We kept thinking, why is this so hard to do?  Why is it so hard for us to just believe in our dream and in ourselves? Why is it so hard for us to think positive?  And then it hit us.  We had spent years surrounding ourselves with people who never dared to dream, who seemed to always be negative, who thought so far inside the box that they couldn’t even remember what the word “dream” meant.  We had gotten so caught up in the idea that you go to school, get a job, work, hopefully retire, and die.  What else was there to believe?  It is what we had been taught since we were young.  We both came from blue collar families. Frankly, my parents never even mentioned college to my siblings and I.  It was graduate from high school and then you find a job.

On the way home, our friends and us spoke about the seminar and what we had thought about it.  To put it simply, we were inspired.  We wanted to make changes to our lives, we wanted to see our situation get better, to have the things we always wanted.  Granted, we were not talking about things like mansions or expensive cars, we wanted to not live paycheck to paycheck and still wanted to have time with each other and our children.  Time or money is one decision that too many of us are forced to make.  We want both.  It is too easy to give up on your dreams, too easy to make excuses, especially when you have a disability or other limitation.  Yet, there are many examples of people who have overcame disabilities and limitations to become not only successful, but amazing role models for others.

After spending the last several days listening, reading, and watching several different seminars, I am really impressed with the products, mission and community of Life Leadership. We were so ready to change our lives for the better, to start thinking positively, to start believing and investing in ourselves, and achieving the things that we had always thought to be impossible.  Healthcare costs have become a major burden for our family, so starting anew means our first step is getting control of our finances by returning to basics with the Financial Fitness Pack.

If you, like us, are tired of your situation and believe that your purpose in life is greater than what you are currently achieving, please remember that the best investment you can make is the investment in yourself.  Don’t be afraid to get the information, change your attitude & surround yourself with the people needed to make a positive change in your life.  Tell yourself that you’re worth it, because you are.  Tell yourself that you can do it, because you can.  You are capable of amazing things, but nobody will believe it until you believe.